Rothesay takes action with Climeworks to make its own operations net zero for the next decade

●  Climeworks signs 10-year carbon dioxide removal agreement with Rothesay, the UK’s largest pension insurance specialist.●  Climeworks will remove Rothesay’s expected residual emissions for this entire decade, making the insurer’s own operations over the next ten years ...
LGT and Climeworks close one of the largest-ever direct air capture agreements – the financial services industry at the forefront of carbon removal
Zurich, 20.12.2021
BCG signs direct air capture partnership with Climeworks, a key step on the firm’s journey to net-zero climate impact by 2030
Zurich, 09.12.2021
Climeworks + corporate net zero roadmaps: Square, Inc. partners with direct air capture company Climeworks to remove 2,000 tons of carbon from the air
Zurich, 30.11.2021
Climeworks and leading risk knowledge company Swiss Re sign the world’s first and largest 10-year purchase agreement for direct air capture and storage of carbon dioxide
Zurich, 25.08.21
Ocado Retail purchases Climeworks’ carbon dioxide removal as part of their wider sustainability strategy
Zurich, 16.11.2021
Hymn for the planet: Climeworks part of sustainability portfolio of Coldplay’s next tour

Zurich, 14.10.2021
Climeworks begins operations of Orca, the world’s largest direct air capture and CO2 storage plant
08.09.21, 4:00 pm GMT


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