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●     Climeworks and Carbfix developed the world's first full-chain certification methodology dedicated to carbon dioxide removal via direct air capture and underground mineralization storage. This methodology has been validated by the independent quality and assurance l...

19 September 2022

●      Companies with ambitious net zero commitments are adopting high-quality carbon dioxide removal solutions, such as Climeworks’ direct air capture and storage. Removing CO2 from the atmosphere is needed in addition to emissions reduction efforts to limit global warm...

5 September 2022

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· Climeworks is excited to enter this long-term collaboration with UBS, the latest and largest financial services company to commit to Climeworks’ carbon removal solution.

30 August 2022

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For the third year in a row, Climeworks brought together the industry key players at its Direct Air Capture Summit 2022. Scientists, opinion leaders, pioneering companies and policy experts came together to discuss the roles that the public and private sectors play in dr...

21 July 2022

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● Climeworks is excited to take its collaboration with Microsoft to the next level: following its selection as part of Microsoft’s carbon removal portfolio last year, the two companies have now closed a new 10-year carbon removal offtake agreement.  ● Such long-term comm...

13 July 2022

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● Climeworks breaks ground in Iceland to build its newest and largest direct air capture and storage facility, called Mammoth● With a nominal CO₂ capture capacity of 36’000 tons per year when fully operational, Mammoth represents a demonstrable step in Climeworks' ambiti...

28 June 2022

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Updated July 2022
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●  At an immersive exhibition in the Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex in Haitang Bay, Hainan, La Prairie's on-site clients will contribute to the permanent removal of CO₂ from the air with each purchase●  For every White Caviar Illuminating Essence product ...

25 May 2022

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●  The newest report by the IPCC has confirmed once again that carbon dioxide removal is essential for mitigating climate change●  Equity investor Verdane has announced its commitment to neutralize all its future residual emissions with engineered, permanent carbon remov...

13 April 2022

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●  Climeworks has signed an equity round of CHF 600 million (USD 650 million)●  The new investor base includes several of the most renowned and largest institutional technology and infrastructure investors globally●  The trust placed by those high-quality investors is a ...

5 April 2022